The Penalty Box

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The Penalty Box is an innovative, hands-on parenting tool, designed by a child psychologist, to help families stay connected during turbulent times. When tempers flare, someone calls a "penalty" and the person who yelled draws a card from the Penalty Box, and follows the instructions on the card. The cards include three categories of research based anger management strategies (52 cards in all- 30 anger management activities, 10 chores and 12 blank cards for families to brainstorm their own ideas). The fun comes from not knowing what you are going to get, a quick run around the house that leaves everyone laughing, or a chore such as cleaning your bedroom. All of the cards were designed as a means to take a break from thinking about the angry situation, and to engage in a fun (or maybe not so fun) activity until the topic can be revisited more calmly.